Welcome to the BnR Kooz Klub

where being a member is way more than just an exclusive title - it's free rewards and discounts too! So cross the border into BnR Country and sign up for yer FREE membership


BnR Country official Koozie
Kooz Klub membership card
And special discounts out the wazoo!


Each BnR Country Kooz Klub card contains 10 - $10 spaces for punching. One punch will be awarded for single purchases of $10 or more unless otherwise advertised. Purchase must include food (not exclusively alcohol). Limit one punch per visit per member. Once you get 10 punches, your card may be presented at your next visit and redeemed for $10 off purchase of $10 or more.But, your card cannot be redeemed exclusively for purchase of alcohol (that's how TABC rules work). BnR Country Kooz Klub cards are not valid for use on purchase of gift certificates, previous purchases, or purchases where other coupons or offers are used. Your card never expires! Membership is automatically renewed with a new card upon redemption of a fully punched card. And that's not all! Once you get 6 (six) cards completely punched, you get a chance to spin our prize wheel for some really cool stuff! But - we've got to see your card in your hand in order to punch it!Take your koozie with you EVERYWHERE! Snap a picture of you with your koozie and post it on our Facebook page. When you do, you get a FREE appetizer on your next visit!

So, like Bill sez; You're leaving money on the table if you don't join the BnR Country Kooz Klub folks!

* Employees of BnR are not eligible for the KOOZ KLUB. BnR reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time.

Kooz Klub Coming Soon!

Check back later for more info.